Toilet for 2 Mistresses

Mistress Annalise and her girlfriend licking each other her pussys! They are sexy lesbian girl friends but of course both need to shit sometimes!

For this they have a human toilet! Of course the human toilet is a man, because both girls dont a man for other stuff! Men are just human toilets for them!

Open your mouth SLAVE!

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Total WC Training

This young slave is eager to become my personal toilet. So I decided to give him a chance and to train as a full toilet. For the first time he will have to drink all my divine nectar and eat my shit. To be the first time he really eats a lot ‘! I think the guy has a real talent as shit-eater!

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I shit on the head of my slave!

I was about to do a video of my taking a big shit on a plate and I decided to change it up and put my slave under my ass instead! First I pissed all over his head, then I pushed out a big, semi-soft load of really nasty, smelly shit out right on the top of his head! I really enjoyed it and I think you will see me using him a lot more often!

His face gets more than he can take!

Mistress Missy cant hold it anymore and gives the toilet an avalanche of soft messy shit that covers and runs down his face. Definitely one of the worst smelling dumps you could imagine. As an added bonus we put the shitting action in slow motion so you could hear all the sounds and see the shit really bury his face.